Learning journals allow students to create written or multimedia online journal entries that can viewed by the course instructor or remain private.

A journal activity may be used within a course for reflective learning purposes. Students are prompted to record and reflect on their learning process throughout a course or subject. The journal may capture their learning progress and changes in their attitudes and opinions as the course progresses.

Journals are used for a wide range of educational purposes, including:

  • Learning journal
  • Reflective learning diary
  • Work placement journal
  • Recording creative process

Unfortunately, Canvas does not provide a specific journal tool. Many people and organisations have tried to implement workarounds via assignments or group discussions, but these solutions are either lacking in functionality, user experience or the ability to scale with large student numbers.

The Learning Journal

Purposely built to address this need, the Learning Journal is the ideal solution to add journal functionality to the Canvas Learning Management System. The Learning Journal was designed to add a social element to your course, without the monotony and tumbleweeds commonly experienced in discussion forums.

The Learning Journal integrates with Canavs as an LTI and can be added to any course. With a sleek user interface and great user experience, the Learning Journal is a great addition to the overall course experience.