Active learning

Reflecting via a learning journal encourages students to be active and explore ideas and concepts that may arise throughout their course. They can explore different perspectives and their own thoughts and feelings, whilst becoming independant thinkers.

Understanding student progress

Teachers will gain a better understanding of how students perceive the course and their progress in understanding concepts. This information can be used to provide feedback to students and enhance the learning process.

Improve writing skills

Reflective writing can improve student's writing skills by exposing them to a new way of writing. The learning journal can also incorporate other mediums such as images, video and multimedia.

Freedom to express personal views

The Learning Journal provides students with a space to freely express what they feel and think about the learning process and course. It can encourage students who may not be willing to express themselves in other situations.

Enhance critical thinking and creativity

When students relate their knowledge and understanding to real world issues, self-reflection can enhance their critical thinking skills. It drives the acquistion of knowledge by increasing the level of cognition and analysis they engage in. Journals helps students to develop a questioning attitude towards issues, views and problems as well as unlock their creativity.

An additional benefit of The Learning Journal is the ability to draft and revise. The Learning Journal allows students to develop an idea in a cloud based environment, save as they progress and return at any time to the work they have accrued across the course.

The Learning Journal

Purposely built to address a gap in Learning Management Systems, the Learning Journal is the ideal solution to add journal functionality to the Canvas Learning Management System. The Learning Journal was designed to add a social element to your course, without the monotony and tumbleweeds commonly experienced in discussion forums.

The Learning Journal integrates with Canavs as an LTI and can be added to any course. With a sleek user interface and great user experience, the Learning Journal is a great addition to the overall course experience.